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P A Y M E N T  M E T H O D S

Here at Spirit of Maya, you have several different payment methods when you are done with your shopping. We want you to feel safe and hope you can find what you think is the easiest for you!



When choosing PayPal you can use your bank account or your debit or credit card. Doing this you dont  expose your bank account online when you pay PayPal . Everything you send via PayPal is your email-address. If you do not need to enter your account number or your address every time you shop if you connect your credit card or your bank account to your PayPal account .

visa / mastercard

V I S A / M A S T E R C A R D

You can pay by VISA or MasterCard, no extra charges when you pay by card (except shipping fee). The highest limit when using this payment method is 30,000 SEK, even if the spending limit on your card will be higher.

T E R M S   O F   K L A R N A
In order to shop with Klarna , you should be over 18 and be without payment default . You may not have any previous unpaid claims from Klarna ( or former Debtor ).

I N V O I C E   K L A R N A
We use Klarna if you wish to pay by invoice . Select " TSB " . You will receive the invoice by e- mail to you and it must be paid within 14 days, the payment date shown on invoice . When you choose to pay by invoice / Klarna will be a service charge of 29 dollars.

K L A R N A   A C C O U N T
Want to part-pay your goods , choose Klarna account . If you select the payment you will receive an invoice from Klarna where you see your accumulated purchases from the webbbuitiker where you shopped and decided to use the Klarna Account . These invoices can then partial payment each month. 

Have you chosen the installment you get a single invoice for your purchases . Klarna then send the invoice to you in the middle of the month and shall be paid at the end of the same month. The invoice will contain a minimum amount specified that you must pay . You can read more about Klarna's services here https://klarna.com/sv/privat/tjaenster/klarna-konto .
You are also welcome to contact Klarna's customer service , if you have any questions regarding invoices , telephone 08-120120 10th

I F   Y O U   P A Y   L A T E   F O R   K L A R N A

If you pay your bill late Klarna takes out a reminder fee of 50 SEK and any default interest . Reminder invoice shall be paid within ten days. If the billl unlikely is not paid Segoria takes over the case and then it becomes a collection action.